Friday, April 10, 2015

How to stream a movie from your iPhone to your Apple TV using AirPlay

Filmster exists as an iPhone app which allows you to find the cream of the cream among the movies on iTunes. Once you find a movie that you want to watch, you can buy or rent it, but does that mean that you will have to watch it on your iPhone? I don't think that David Lynch would approve...

Fortunately, Apple recently made it possible to transfer an iTunes Store purchase from an iPhone (or other iOS device) to a computer. Even easier: you can just re-download the purchase on the computer thanks to iCould. This makes a lot of sense.

But there is an even cooler option. If you're the lucky owner of an Apple TV (only $69), you can stream the movie from your iPhone to your TV screen. For this, you simply use AirPlay, which can be activated from the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of your screen).

So there is no need to transfer or re-download your movie, it just plays smoothly and wirelessly on your TV!

Now you can really watch Mulholland Drive without pissing off its genius director.