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Filmster: description

Filmster is an iOS app about prestigious films that were selected by international film festivals and award ceremonies. Filmster is currently adapted for iPhone (4S or later) and iPad.

The concept is very simple. You filter films according to the events that selected them and the awards that they won. Filmster then finds the corresponding films that are available on your iTunes Store.

Here's a short Video Preview:

You can choose between four important Events:

You can then select the categories of Awards that most interest you:
  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Actress
  • Best Actor
  • Best Screenplay
  • All awards
  • All films in competition
The names of the awards have been homogenized. For example, the category "Best Film" corresponds to the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) in Cannes, the Leone d'Oro (Golden Lion) in Venice, the Goldener Bär (Golden Bear) in Berlin, and the Best Picture at The Oscars.

The category "All awards" includes not only all the awards above, but also some special awards.
The category "All films in competition" includes all the films that were selected or nominated, whether they won an award or not.

You can also adjust the Years of the events: from 2014 back to 1981 for Cannes and The Oscars, and to 2000 for Venice and Berlin. This represents a total of about 1500 films.

Filmster then creates a list of films satisfying your criteria and searches for them on your iTunes Store. The films that are found are highlighted by an image and a small iTunes badge, while the films that are not found turn gray. Tapping on the row of a highlighted film redirects you to its page on your iTunes Store, where you can buy or rent it.

A word of caution is in order here. Even though Filmster is extremely accurate in its search, it is not entirely perfect. There are two types of potential issues. Firstly, a film that is available on iTunes may be missing from the results given by Filmster. This is most often explained by the fact that the title of the film is given in a translated form on iTunes (Filmster's database only contains the original title and the English title), or by the absence of the director's name. Secondly, in rare cases there can be a mismatch between the film listed in the results and the film that was searched for. If you find such a mismatch, it would be very helpful if you could notify us.

In the Parameters, you can select the Country of your iTunes Store. The default country is USA. For the reasons just mentioned, the search works best for iTunes Stores in English-speaking countries, but it also works very well in most European languages. For other languages the search is incomplete. There is also a Contact Us button, which allows you to send feedback on Filmster.

We hope you find Filmster useful and enjoy many beautiful films!

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